What is Invisiline? – Dr. Matiasevich – Santa Cruz Dentist

What is Invisiline?

Yeah, I think appearance is one reason adults don’t want traditional braces, but the other one that really is a big one is speed, time. They associate braces either because they knew somebody, or a lot of them are retreats, meaning they wore braces when they were a teenager and they had to wear it two, three years. Then they didn’t wear their retainers and now their teeth are crooked, and they’re looking for something to fix them. Invisiline is basically little plastic trays that go in the mouth that are changed periodically every couple weeks that slowly make incremental changes to the position of the teeth and slowly straighten them.

The big advantage to the patient is it doesn’t look like you’re wearing braces. You can take them off to eat and put them back on. Treatment generally can sometimes be longer, so that’s one of the downsides of Invisiline, but there’s also other options; there’s new braces now that we can put on and we can do things to the teeth, where we can reshape them and put braces on, and get done in less than six months, too, because most of the time what we’re talking about with adults is the front, the appearance of the smile. If the back teeth are good, two years of orthodontics might not necessarily be needed. So, that’s one of the big things that has come out recently in the last few years that’s nice.

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