What to Expect with IV Sedation

What to Expect with IV Sedation

IV sedation is a service wherein trained anesthesiologists administer sedative drugs to patients who suffer from dental phobia. The sedative drug is administered with a needle through the vein, enabling it to take effect almost immediately. That said, it can only be administered by a trained and experienced anesthesiologist along with your Santa Cruz dentist.

This service is perfect for patients who need to undergo lengthy, painful and complex dental procedures. This is also an option for those who experience illogical but debilitating fear whenever they set a dental appointment. It can help dentists perform oral procedures more quickly and effectively because they’ll get little to no disruptions from their patients.

With IV sedation, patients can expect to feel deeply relaxed and a little drowsy. However, they’ll remain conscious all throughout the procedure, enabling them to communicate with the dentist. They will also remain aware of their surroundings and the procedure as it takes place. However, they won’t feel afraid or anxious like they normally would.

The procedure may seem short to sedated patients, since the drug may affect their sense of time. In effect, they will think that the procedure is progressing faster than it really does. They may also fail to remember most of the procedure once the drugs wear off. Likewise, they won’t remember any pain or discomfort they may have experienced during the procedure.

It also takes a while for IV sedation to wear off. Some patients may feel drowsy one to two hours after the procedure. In such cases, they should ideally have a companion who can help them go home. They may also be advised to wait for the effects of the drug to wear off in the clinic for their safety.

If you’re looking into IV sedation, look for a clinic that has trained in-house anesthesiologists. Look for one that has sufficient facilities and equipment for this kind of service.

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