Wisdom Teeth Extraction with Oral Conscious Sedation

I didn’t really feel anything…I liked how it was really quick…It was a really easy recovery.

Interviewer: Good morning, Colleen. So Colleen, you had your treatment done here with us, and can you let us know exactly how your teeth were like before?

Colleen: The reason that I decided to give Dr. Matiasevich a call was because my husband Wes, just had total implants done and he was so impressed with the professionalism in the office, the bedside manner of the staff that he felt that I would do well here because I was very nervous. The reason I came was because my four front teeth have gotten loosened, wouldn’t tightened up and I have a lot of pain, upper and lower.

Interviewer: And did the doctor go over some options with you? Did he explain to you different options?

Colleen: Dr. Matiasevich spent good half hour with me going over all the different dentures, implants, and what I wanted, how I wanted it to look cosmetically, which of course I had no idea about. And in the end, he did a fantastic job. The dentures look very natural, which of course made me feel more confident because I didn’t want them come out as a 60 year-old woman with teeth that didn’t match the rest of me.

Interviewer: Good. All right. And would you go through the whole procedure again if you had to do it again, Colleen?

Coleen: Absolutely. I had 28 teeth pulled. I felt actually very little pain. I think the hardest part to get used to was having no teeth after having teeth all those years. But having had a very severe case of gum disease, I actually had no choice.

Interviewer: All right. Well, thank you very much, Colleen, for your story.

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