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Sedation Dentistry Testimonials

Sedation Dentistry Review

Everything was better than I could have even hoped for. I came in very nervous. I got the point where I didn’t want to go to the dentist at all….it was the best experience ever. […]

Sedation Dentistry Review2016-02-14T15:14:32-08:00

Oral Conscious Sedation Review

I was very comfortable…they put a blanket on me, gave me a pillow and I had music. I just remember taking the instructions from the dentist…and I remember my husband coming to get me…it seemed like it was really fast. […]

Oral Conscious Sedation Review2016-02-14T15:26:32-08:00

Conscious Sedation Dentistry

" Fear has no boundaries.  It can affect all types of people.  There is no age, sex, economic, or race discrimination guidelines.”-DOCS Education 2010 Are you one of the millions of patients that have fear about coming to the dentist?  Fear can range from mild anxiousness all the way to phobia that keeps people who [...]

Conscious Sedation Dentistry2010-11-11T16:45:04-08:00

Patient-oriented thorough Care

"I was incredibly please to be walked through every element of my care and to get a very honest and encouraging assessment of the things I needed to do to continue good oral health.  Going to the dentist has always been a tense experience for me but being given information about my treatment and care [...]

Patient-oriented thorough Care2010-06-02T22:24:45-07:00

My teeth thank ’em :-)

"Dr Bob and the Dental Assistants are great...making the patient comfortable. They show an excellent understanding of the various products that can make "The Dentist" trip not-so-scary. Pain managment was great. I highly recommend Dr Bob and his gang...I'm glad I did. My teeth thank 'em :-) Thanks Dr Bob and Dental Staff." -Gary

My teeth thank ’em :-)2010-06-02T22:25:50-07:00
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